The New Status of Script

Feel the luxury. Convey your status. Express your intelligence.

Indulge in the Renaissance of writing.

تأتي بكميّات محدودة، فلا ننتج

only boutique handmade items that have passed numerous personal inspections before they reach you.

تشكيلات متفرّدة محدودة

that follow the latest trends and are treasured by passionate fashion aficionados.

صنعت بعناية فائقة بأدقّ

from being perfumed with our signature scent to being cradled in a luxurious box.

The Eternal: Winter and The Audacious

Never before has there been an agenda so luxurious and stylish as Gyllium. It is a forever classic made of genuine lustrous fur with monogram details. It is lightly scented with a unique perfume designed especially for the Gyllium brand. On the inside, the delicately tinted pages in the color purple and branded with the Gyllium signature contain the ultimate combination of agenda sections that one would need. The Eternal: Winter and The Audacious are crafted by hand with utmost attention to the smallest details, and will remain an opulent and premium object of desire for ardent admirers of aesthetics.

Share Your Success

At Gyllium we believe that happiness is real only when you help others and give a piece of your happiness to the ones in need. Throughout the years, we have partnered with various charities and now we continue this tradition by pledging to make a contribution from each agenda we sell to the non-profit organization “Hronika Against Cancer”. This NGO is based in Bulgaria and aims at supporting cancer patients, promoting cancer awareness and informing people about cancer prevention. You can learn more at: We will keep you updated about all activities of “Hronika Against Cancer” so that you know how, when, where and to whom your help was bequeathed.

The New Status of Script

In the modern era, in which digital technology is taking over almost every aspect of our lives, Gyllium stands for the Renaissance of pen and paper. The act of writing in todays digital times is already becoming a craft, a pleasure, and ultimately – a luxury. Script will soon become a characteristic of the powerful and influential, for whom it is essential to be unique and go beyond the trivial world of mass digital communication. Handwriting is demonstrating its potential to impress and those who appreciate appearances know they can convey class, style, and even a certain power through well-chosen writing gear. Script will soon become the new status token and we are here to make it transpire.

Simply Unique

Every Gyllium piece is a piece of art. It is crafted by hand and has gone through the thorough inspection of many craftsmen and mavens before it is delivered in your hands. Each agenda is made of the highest quality genuine leather or fur and refined to the smallest detail. Limited couture collections will be periodically designed, reflecting major fashion trends but carrying the Gyllium essence of exclusivity and splendour. Every Gyllium has a unique serial number that can be found on the hologram sticker and on the Card of Authenticity. Gyllium gratifies the most refined tastes and adds a pinch of opulence to any lifestyle.

Every Gyllium Agenda is a unique piece of art as it is
made of genuine fur and therefore no two agendas can be the same.

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So They Say:

“The luxe agenda that has your health appointments sorted”

Caterina Minthe, Features Director of VOGUE Arabia

لطالما أردت امتلاك مفكرة يمكنني حملها معي بثقة وفخر إلى اجتماعات العمل وقد وجدت أخيراً ما أبحث عنه!

ساندرا هنت

ذا إيتيرنال: وينتر" هي اكسسوار عصري فاتن يعيد تصوّر الطابع العملي للمفكرة الكلاسيكية بجماليّة أخّاذة.

ديانا ستيلمان

غيليوم هي أنا، هي كل ما أنا عليه وكل ما أريد للعالم أن يعرفه عني – كونها مختلفة وحصرية ومميزة، وكونها راقية وتعيد إحياء الأزمنة الكلاسيكية مرة أخرى – الكتابة اليدوية بإسلوب أنيق

إيكايترينا فورنادجييفا

The Pursuit of Excellence

GYLLIUM is an Official Project Partner of Rolls – Royce Enthusiasts’ Club