If you are interested in esoteric and occult practices, perhaps you have already read that it is good for your home to have fewer objects, since they not only collect dust but also carry a specific energy that sometimes can not act very positively on you. 

Among the things, you should not allow in your home, are the little figurines of eagles or storks that could attract a bad omen of homeowners. The same is true of horns, fish posters, elephant figures with holed hoofs.

The storage of gifts you do not like or old shoes can also bring you failure. Unfavourable is the impact of broken or damaged items. Therefore, if you have some of these items in your home, it is desirable to get rid of them.

At the same time, however, according to the extra-senses, there are magical objects that charge the home with positive energy, make our lives lighter and successful and give us with beauty and charisma. See some of them in the article below.

Mirror on a stand

You need a mirror of this type, possibly in a small size. By looking at it, you will feel more beautiful and you will actually act as a magnet for the opposite sex. In addition, this object will help you find successful ideas for your work.

Beautiful agenda

You probably think that since we can make notes on our electronic devices, we do not need agendas and pens. According to the mystics, in order to fulfil our most cherished desires, they must be written on a real sheet of paper and in accordance with that, they always recommend we have a beautiful agenda to our nightstand to serve as a diary.


Gas lamp

Another old-fashioned thing that no longer has a place in the modern home. In fact, this is not the case, because according to some old notes, this attribute has the ability to evict the evil forces from our homes and protect them from the evil forces in the future.

Flower with large leaves

In every home must have a flower-pot with green leaves to stay in the bedroom. It protects from nightmares and helps for a good sleep.


It can be both natural and artificial. It is enough to place it close to your other flowers at home and you will never be bored or sad again.

A kettle/jug with water

It should be very beautiful and stay in a place where family members gather. It is believed that when people exchange compliments and caresses, the water in the vessel catches the positive energy and holds it longer in time. However, when there is a scandal around it, it is good to change the liquid, because it can also hold back negative energy.